Register this weekend to still get our low September prices! If you register by Sunday, September 30th the entire five nights and four days of parties are yours for 100 Euro if you live in zone 1, and 115 Euro if you live in zone 2 (to find out what zone pertains to you, please check out our prices page). On October 1st the price goes up 10 Euro, so save money and register now!


We have received multiple questions about the waiting list for followers. All single followers registering will be placed on the waiting list. We cannot guarantee that you will get off the waiting list, but until then we do net expect payment. We will make sure that party passes are available to buy for followers on the waiting list in the case that they are not taken off. We are also considering opening a solo track aimed at followers - more on that soon.


Green Dragon winner to be announced on Monday!


The 21st was the deadline for a video competition organized by Lindy Hop Moves. The objective of the competition was to record an instructional video of an original solo or partner choreography. The winning individual or couple receives a full pass to Dragon Swing 2012: Lindy Underground, together with free housing and meals - as well as the opportunity to teach their choreography at Dragon Swing. The winning video also takes home our Green Dragon trophy which is carved by hand out of steel (take a look!).


We have received 8 entries from 6 six different countries, and we will announce the winner on Monday, October 1st. In the meantime, you can browse through the submissions:

Ariadna & Jaume (Spain):

Enjoy, and learn! 



4! Time is going by so fast…

15 Nov 2014 12:45 - Super User4! Time is going by so fast…

4! Time is going by so fast… Today we would like to show you how we are going. Probably not everybody knows that Dragon Swing Special Forces’ headquarters are in Wieliczka, almost next to Salt Min [ ... ]

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5! Dragon Swing is closer and closer!

14 Nov 2014 21:21 - Super User5! Dragon Swing is closer and closer!

5! Dragon Swing is closer and closer! Today we would like to focus on making this year’s video. We are preparing something extraordinary! 
/>Have you ever heard about “Time Freeze Project”? If you [ ... ]

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6! Quick news for today.

13 Nov 2014 16:22 - Super User6! Quick news for today.

According to today’s post: if you are interested in competing we would like you to check competition schedule once again. On our site and Facebook page you will find a correct schedul [ ... ]

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We are very sorry, but we made a mistake in last newsletter <_< ...

Strictly Lindy preliminaries will be on Friday Party, not on Thursday!
Sorry for confusion. [ ... ]

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7! It’s only one week to start our festival!

12 Nov 2014 23:04 - Super User7! It’s only one week to start our festival!

7! It’s only one week to start our festival! Who’s waiting for news tonight? There you go.
>Today we want to invite you for a shopping. So, ladies first, what do we have for you? “O Retro” – s [ ... ]

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